See what our clients have to say about Barrier Reef Accounting

We have clients who have been with us for many years and have an excellent business to show for it. Our testimonials from current clients prove what an asset Barrier Reef Accounting can be to your business.


“Having utilised the services of Barrier Reef Accounting in other areas of our practice (such as trust accounting) we had confidence that their bookkeepers would show the same care and attention to detail when handling our accounts. Since working with Greg and his team, we have received more accurate, streamlined reporting, we have an efficient payroll system in place and we have saved time. Small businesses would benefit the most from the bookkeeping service of Barrier Reef Accounting. When it is too costly/impractical to employ someone full time to maintain company accounts, the services offered by Barrier Reef Accounting are a good alternative – affordable and flexible.”

Ranjit Singh | Managing Director | Law Solutions

“I was hesitant to change accountants as I went through a different one each year. Word of mouth from family and the fact that Xero was used by Barrier Reef Accounting was a huge plus factor. Ultimately, it was the fact that Greg has knowledge of the trade industry and an interest in our business which drove my decision to make the change. Since working with Greg and his team, we have received great tips when using Xero which has improved efficiency and accuracy at tax time; fantastic advice when setting up a new company; and general easy to understand assistance when it comes to everything accounting. I would happily recommend Barrier Reef Accounting to small business owners that would like to grow their business.”

Trisha Stroud | Owner | Decked Out Fabrications

“I chose to work with Barrier Reef Accounting because of the staffs’ professionalism and courtesy. Staff take the time to explain things so I can understand them instead of sending me out the door not knowing what just happened, so to speak. Since working with Barrier Reef Accounting, I now understand accounts properly; from profit and loss spread sheets to balance sheets and how to manage accounts better and more effectively. I have learnt how to lead my business into making a regular & consistent profit. Greg has shown me how to do and understand business forecasting which has helped me manage my business better. I would recommend Barrier Reef Accounting to anyone from personal accounting to business’s looking for good and reliable accounting that doesn’t cut corners and needs the job done right without mistakes. Barrier Reef Accounting and the whole staff have been 100% professional and helpful without fail. More helpful than required and more than anything honest with advice which is what I did request when I walked through the door the first time, even if it was advice I didn’t want to hear. Barrier Reef Accounting has gone above and beyond what I had expected or asked for.”

Jason Fox | Director | NQ Concrete & Formwork

“When initially considering a working relationship with Barrier Reef Accounting, I was very confident that service would be of a high standard based on previous experiences with Greg as our Trust Account Auditor. Since working with Greg and his team, we have received timely service and access to an accountant as well as a bookkeeper is a big plus. I am very happy with the quality and level of service being provided and I would be happy to recommend any of our clients to Barrier Reef Accounting for a range of services including bookkeeping.”

Vanessa Maruna | Principal | All About Law